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Wow…this picture definitely deserves an explanation…right?! As part of our ‘All-In’ series, this week the focus was loving God with all our strength. So we had fun with this and held a quick Strong-Man Competition in the middle of service. Hilarious. Dave dressed up a bit here…wearing a Speedo in church…and the band played Eye Of The Tiger while several guys demonstrated feats of strength. It was a blast!

There are many lessons I’m learning as the journey continues to help start a new church here in North San Diego County. This was our 11th Sunday meeting weekly. We find ourselves working hard to establish routine…and then working equally as hard to make sure routine does not dictate predictability and a lack of creativity in our worship expression.

I think a significant part of the challenge is that no one on our lead team is working full-time for The Station Church. The upside of this is that there is an incredible commitment being demonstrated by a group of volunteers who simply believe in this mission to reach people in our community with the love of God. Building a team of people with a shared vision always takes time…especially when everyone is busy making a living in the real world.

It’s relatively simple to get lost in the details of scheduling volunteers, planning the weekly set-list and having to focus on getting loaded-in and set-up in the short time allotted each Sunday morning. This week I was glad to be reminded again WHY I’m doing this. When Josh invited people to make a decision to commit their lives to Christ and 2 people responded…I was affected by the joy of God’s mercy, His salvation and the peace that is here for us when we lean into His love.

I’m also incredibly thankful for a growing community of talented creatives, musicians and singers. They prepare and show up each week with hearts ready to engage with God. It’s just incredibly fun to see our weekly Worship Experience take shape.

Set List:

Our Great God | Casey Darnell
Our GodChris Tomlin
Forever ReignOne Sonic Society
Hillsong United

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I had the privilege of attending and being asked to lead worship at the Worship Leaders Together Conference in Mission Viejo. The conference was hosted by Holland Davis and his friends in South Orange County. Their heart was for local churches to support and encourage other local churches in the arena of music and worship ministry.

Originally I planned to just attend the event so I could refresh personally and possibly connect with other regional people involved in worship. Being asked to participate was definitely an honor.

The day opened up with an inspiring teaching from Holland on maintaining our friendship with God. This was followed up by a time of worship by Gary Rea and his band. Then there was a panel of Sr. Pastors who answered questions about their perspective on worship in their churches and the relationship they have with worship leaders.

Following a quick break there were two breakout workshop sessions on practical matters for worship leaders, musicians and tech teams. I then led a short worship set and was part of a panel of worship leaders talking about our perspectives on different aspects of worship ministry. It was very cool to share from our experience and be an encouragement to other leaders at the conference.

Set List:

One Thing Remains | Jesus Culture
Kingdom ComeElevation Worship
Forever Reign
One Sonic Society
AmazedDesperation Band 

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Jesus, My Father, The CIA, and Me
A memoir…of sorts
Ian Morgan Cron

This is, hands down, one of the best books I’ve ever read!

I had seen some buzz online about this book and it had piqued my interest. Then I had the privilege of hearing Ian speak at a conference I attended in January. That did it…I started reading that night.

The stories he tells of his life are captivating…the stuff of movies really. The way he turns those stories inside out to chronicle a journey of faith that I found entirely relatable is profound…at the very least. But the writing…holy crap…the writing is nothing short of incredible!

Rarely have I seen an author with such command of language. Never have I seen an author with such a command of language use it to speak in a way that is so accessible and vulnerable and real. It’s just simply amazing.

This book is absolutely one of my all-time favorites. I will for sure read it again once my wife returns our copy to me.


Get it on by clicking here.

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It finally feels like we’re finding our rhythm with weekly Sunday gatherings. Like every portable church plant, part of the challenge to the weekly plan is finding people willing to serve early on Sunday mornings and help load-in and set-up. Even with a sparse crew, things are getting done and we’re thankful for this dedicated team.

We’re also wanting to stay very intentional about creating a unique Worship Experience every Sunday. It’s easy to default into an expected flow and order of things. On one hand it is nice to have a basic plan to launch from, but we definitely want to keep finding new ways to connect with people and create meaningful moments where people can experience the love of God.

The entrepreneurial part of me is absolutely loving the discovery of a new church culture along with the opportunity to help define the worship expression we have as a group.

Our numbers were down some this week. There were 45 people in the main venue and 16 in the Kids Station. There are still a solid percentage of first time visitors coming each week. We have a developing core of regular attenders, but at this point in our journey it’s not consistent from week to week.

Musically we had a great week. The band was incredibly solid and that helps create a distraction-free Worship Experience that is a joy to lead.

Set List:

Our Great GodCasey Darnell
One Thing RemainsJesus Culture
Always | One Sonic Society
From The Inside Out
Hillsong United

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We started a new series this week called ‘All In’ at The Station Church. Keying off of Matthew 22:37…loving the Lord with all our heart, all our soul and all our mind…being ‘All In’ with God.

Our set design team did a great job putting together a new concept for the stage and worked with the lighting crew to enhance the vibe in our Worship Experience. It turned out very cool.

We had 50 people in our main Worship Experience and 17 in Kids Station. We also had a free VIP lunch to close out the day. It was a ton of fun to see so many people hanging out together and building new relationships. So very cool!

Our band was a 4 piece this week and i really liked it. We still used enhancement tracks to fill out the sonic spectrum, but there was a great rock energy with a simple 4 piece arrangement.

Set List:

With UsHillsong
StrongerHillsong Live
All Things NewElevation Worship
Search My Heart
Hillsong United

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