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We decided to change things up a bit for Palm Sunday. Our musical configuration is typically a modern rock band. Electric, plugged-in and rockin’.

This week we went more with an ‘unplugged’ format. Still plugged-in but with a more acoustic-ish feel. I led from keys which was fun for me because I almost always lead from guitar.

I really need to say how fortunate I am to be surrounded by really great musicians and vocalists at this point in our journey as a start-up church. I’ve worked with hundreds of churches over the years and I can honestly say that the players we have at The Station Church are incredible. I’m already at the point where I can comfortably hand off lead to a couple other vocalists and know that they’re going to knock it out of the park.

So…that’s what I did this week. We had a 4 song set and I only led two of them vocally. It was very, very cool.

We had 65 people in our main Worship Experience and 15 in the Kids Station for a total of 80 people on campus. There are still new people coming every week so we don’t necessarily have a ‘group’ of people attending regularly each week. I’m sure that will become more evident over time, but we’re very excited to continually meet new people coming to worship with us.

The stat with eternal significance is what pumps me up…2 people made decisions to follow Christ! This will never get old…I love it!

This was the second week in our ‘Made’ series. Week one was incredible as Michael Franzese came and spoke, drawing quite a crowd.

Josh talked this week about how we were made for this moment. God has made each of us with a unique gifting. Within our individual design we can live out who we were destined to be. It was a challenge for everyone to lean into their personal life calling from God.

Our overall attendance was down this week at 80, with 65 people in the main worship experience and 15 at The Kids Station. I’m discovering that consistency in numbers is not something we’ll probably see for a while as a new church start-up.

The worship set went great. Even with several new players in each week’s configuration, the band is really solid and these folks are worshiping as a team. Our technical set-up and run-thru is getting smoother as well.

It’s an interesting journey to help define the worship culture of a new church. I’m finding that it’s more ‘uncovering‘ than ‘defining‘ the unique worship culture with the people that are coming every week. Our worship expression as a church is evolving and developing. It will be for some time. I’m finding my challenge is to be at peace with the unknown and to embrace (and gently lead) this complex assortment of people who are gathering here to worship.

This week was amazing!

We had Michael Franzese, a former Mafia Boss, as our guest speaker. His story is profound and nothing short of miraculous. Here is  a link to his book.

We had a total of 207 people on campus. It was exciting to see so many people come out and be a part of our worship experience. This was our highest attended Sunday yet.

We also had 7 people make decisions to follow Jesus. YES!!!!

Even with a shortened music set to give Michael more time, the worship was powerful. There was a tangible sense of God moving on our hearts as we sang to Him.

Set List:

One Thing RemainsJesus Culture
Search My Heart | Hillsong United
All Things New
Elevation Worship

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This past month has been an adventure for us and I’m so encouraged about what the future holds for The Station Church. Helping start a new church has been a monumental amount of work and proved to be incredibly rewarding.

Week #4 was much smoother than last week even with our numbers dipping a bit more. Daylight Savings Time hit this Sunday and I know that affected some people. We were delayed getting into our facility by almost an hour because of the time change.

There were right at 40 people in the main worship experience and 10 at The Kids Station. The challenge to any team is to always give your 100% no matter how many people are there. Each opportunity we have to share the hope of God with people is powerful and we should give everything we’ve got when we do it.

I was proud of our team as I saw them give their best to the people there…and to the God we were there to worship.

The best part of the day…..2 more people put their hope and faith in Jesus!

Set List:

Glory To God | Fee
Search My Heart | Hillsong United
Always |
One Sonic Society
Awakening | Chris Tomlin

I’m excited about all that God has done in the past month and even more amped about what God will do in our future.

And then there was Week #3…

Anything worth doing requires we get into the trenches. Down in the mud where it’s a lot of work to just move forward, let alone feeling like you’re making progress. This was the week we jumped into the trench at The Station Church.

We had technical issues, set-up challenges, gear failures, personnel shortages…all the things that become a distraction to the ‘why’ we are doing this. In the end, it’s not that you have struggles…it’s how you manage them and if you push through.

Our team did a great job working through the obstacles…grabbed a quick breath and then hit reset as we jumped into the Worship Experience. I was encouraged by the tenacity and grace with which everyone moved through the morning.

Over the years I’ve encountered my fair share of these days when everything just seems difficult. They aren’t always fun in the moment, but knowing that we can overcome a rough day is what helps build confidence in the team to tackle the next challenge we face together.

Ultimately we were thrilled to see 6 people respond as we considered needing God’s grace and forgiveness in the area of personal relationships and sexuality.

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