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Jyothika ::: Her Name Means "Light"

We recently got a letter from World Vision telling us that Moretlo, one of the children we sponsor, was leaving the program.  In the 15 years we’ve been sponsoring children, this has happened several times.  Sponsored children and their families often move to other communities or countries.  They may grow old enough to leave the program and support themselves.  Other times World Vision has helped a community achieve their goals to be self-sufficient and then move support to more needy communities.

We were bummed to see Moretlo move because Pam and I were able to meet her and spend some time with her on our first trip to Africa.

Here is part of the letter from World Vision:

The World Vision office in Lesotho notified our US office that Moretlo and her family moved away from the community where World Vision sponsorship assistance is provided.  As a result, she will no longer be continuing in our sponsorship program.  Please continue to pray for Moretlo.  Because of you, she and her family have been blessed.  Your support was a gift of hope that will be long remembered.

Our family has committed to sponsor 5 children through World Vision.  Pam and I have 5 kids and believe that sponsoring one child in honor of each of our kids is a good reminder for all of us to pray and connect with someone who’s needs are bigger than our own.

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Over the past month we have watched many unbelievable images and videos come across our screens.  The earthquake and tsunami in Japan was devastating and the need for humanitarian assistance great.  Many of us have been moved to respond in whatever way we can and generally that means donating money to help relief efforts.  I’ve also sent out tweets and posts and links to World Vision’s Japan Quake & Tsunami Relief Fund.

I received an encouraging email update this week from World Vision regarding their relief efforts in Japan and wanted to share it with you here.

World Vision US is humbled by the overwhelming outpouring of support from our donors for the people of Japan.

Our response to the quake and tsunami will continue through a planned 90-day emergency response phase and 24-month recovery and rehabilitation phase. World Vision expects now to have received enough donations to fully fund this intended 24-month response.

We are encouraging those who wish to continue to help to donate to World Vision’s general Disaster Response Fund. Given that World Vision responds to some 75 disasters annually, this fund provides resources for us to continue working in other critical emergencies around the world, as well as prepare for the next rapid disaster response.

We are grateful for your support and ongoing prayers for the people of Japan.

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I met Al Andrews several years ago at a World Vision Artists Conference.  He may not remember me, but he had profound impact on my life.  Al is a kind and gentle soul.  He is also a counselor in Nashville who has made himself available to touring musicians…free of charge.

The insights Al shared in the breakout sessions we attended were profound for Pam and I.  He gave words to things we were experiencing and insight into some of the challenges we faced in our marriage specific to life on the road.  Pam and I talk of Al often and with great appreciation and fondness.  His words have been a huge encouragement to us.

So let me introduce you to a project that Al has launched.  He has written a children’s book called The Boy, The Kite and The Wind.  His dream is to see this book sell millions of copies so he can give that money away and help people living in poverty around the world.  It’s a big dream, but big dreams lead to big things…Al calls it radical generosity.  I’m excited to see what will happen.
[You can read all about it on his website]

The first major goal in publishing this book is to try and pre-sell 5,000 books by March 15th.  I’m hoping that all of my readers will get involved and buy a copy.  The reviews of the book are glowing.

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Two Thousand Five Hundred

andyallen —  February 23, 2011 — Leave a comment

This January I was in San Antonio, TX for a conference with World Vision Artist Associates.  As I mentioned in another post, I really value this conference.  It is an encouragement to my soul and a reminder that we serve the widow and the orphan through this work and partnership.

During the conference, they took some time to recognize artists for their involvement with World Vision and to celebrate some milestone achievements.  It was an honor to be recognized this year:

We’ve worked with World Vision for 13 years and there have been over 2,500 children sponsored through our ministry!

Jenny Lockwald, Andy Allen & Jean Flewelling

In no way do I post this here to boast.  I am immeasurably humbled to have played a small part in a much larger movement where loving and generous people have joined in to serve the poor and those without a voice.  To everyone who has sponsored a child, given sacrificially and prayed for these kids…I wanted to say THANK YOU!!! You are making a HUGE difference in our world.

The difference is actually much bigger than you might think.  We know that for every sponsored child, 7 to 10 people are impacted and receive some benefit.  This means that 20-25,000 lives have been touched through your generosity.  Amazing!

I’m a musician, a singer, a worship leader, a songwriter…it’s unbelievable to me that anything I could do would have a lasting impact on the lives of 25,000 people, but with your help it has happened.

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World Vision Artist Associates

andyallen —  February 11, 2011 — 2 Comments

If you’re even somewhat familiar with my music and work, you know that I’m a huge fan of World Vision.  I’ve been working with World Vision for the last 13 years.  I’ve traveled on 3 trips to Africa and Central America to see that work first hand and meet a couple of our sponsored children.  My family loves the work they are doing so much that we sponsor 5 children and do our Christmas gift giving through the World Vision Gift Catalog.

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress…James 1:27

So what does it mean to be a World Vision Artist?  Simply put, I talk about the needs of marginalized children in our world when I play out.  I give people in my audience a chance to respond and help by becoming Child Sponsors through World Vision.  There are close to 400 artists currently working with World Vision.  We are musicians, actors, bloggers, bands, speakers, comedians and performers who want to expand the impact of our art and help make a difference in the lives of the poorest of the poor.

The World Vision Artist Associate program is a community of artists, speakers and performers just like you who have committed their time and talent to help the world’s poorest children have access to the resources they need to reach their God-given potential. Artist Associates encourage others to become child sponsors – a powerful way to give tangible help to children, families, and communities living in poverty.

If you’re an artist and have an audience of any size…you should consider being a World Vision Artist Associate?  World Vision works with both signed and indie artists, like me.  You can use your platform to be an advocate for the poor along side of your artistry.  It’s not complicated, and it can been an incredible partnership for you.  Practically speaking, it can allow you to expand the reach of your art to a global scale and make a difference in the lives of children the world over.

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