I am a Worship Leader & World Vision Artist currently living in Oceanside, CA.  I am also a touring Worship Artist and Co-Director for the Christian Musician Conference & Showcase, IGNITION.

Yes, I’m aware the bio’s below are written in the third person. That is so they can be used for media and promo…when you have a conversation with me I typically don’t refer to myself as ‘Andy Allen’…in case you were wondering.


Andy Allen is a husband, dad, singer/songwriter and follower of Jesus.  He works with World Vision to care for orphans and widows in their distress.


If you ask, and maybe even if you don’t, Andy Allen will tell you that it’s tough to quantify spiritual things. After 13 years of full-time touring music ministry, 3 recording projects, hundreds of concerts & services in front of more than 350,000 people – he’s not impressed by stats…but only when God leaves His imprint and mark on the hearts of people.

A college degree in Business sometimes prompts Andy to look for numbers or results that can be charted on a scorecard or spreadsheet…but he’s found that you can’t use statistics & accounting to track or define the heart of a living God.

“As a Christian musician I might be able to track how many CDs sell – how many gigs I have in front of ‘X’ number of people, in ‘X’ number of states, while driving or flying ‘X’ number of miles. But those numbers cannot tell or show how hearts are encouraged & directed to God – how the Holy Spirit moves & changes the heart of a man or woman – how a life might be challenged or transformed while seeking the face of Father God – how hope and faith can be restored – or how a broken person can be set free & healed while chasing the call of Jesus!”

It doesn’t matter to Andy if you call him an “indie artist”, “worship leader”, “singer-songwriter” or “musician” – he simply wants to make sure you know that he is deeply in love with his Jesus. If you take the time, you’ll see in him the maturity found in one who’s traveled life’s dark roads & been carried down those paths in the arms of Christ. Playing & singing in cities and churches across the US, this seasoned performer and worship leader will touch your soul. A heart of praise and encouragement has been the mark of his ministry.

Andy and his wife Pam have 5 kids and live in Oceanside, CA. He tours and works with churches – leading worship concerts and sharing music in church services, along with teaching clinics and training worship teams.

There are 14 million children in Africa alone who have been orphaned just because of HIV/AIDS. As representatives for the humanitarian organization World Vision, Andy & Pam Allen offer people the opportunity to sponsor children and provide food, clothing, health care, clean water, medication, shelter, education, hope for tomorrow, and hope for eternity.

“They have become part of our heart. We looked into their eyes and promised them that we would come home and tell their story to as many people as we could in order to help them.”


Since the northern California native first left his “day job” more than thirteen years ago to pursue his dream and calling into full-time music, a heart of worship and encouragement have been the mark of his ministry.  Involved in worship ministry for 20 years, God has called Andy Allen to minister to the body of Christ at large both as a recording artist and as a traveling worship leader, visiting local churches throughout the US.

Out of his work in the past 12 years as the worship leader for Spirit West Coast (one of the largest Christian Music Festivals in the country), Andy released his third recording titled Andy Allen – Spirit West Coast Praise.  This recording project has Andy & the band’s arrangements of 7 well-known modern worship songs, as well as three originals.  A compilation of songs that brings a fresh approach to some familiar music, and brings home the heart that this artist has to passionately worship God from a completely authentic perspective.  Of particular note is the new song on this offering, ‘You Gave Your Life.  Written by Andy Allen & Ron Robinson (co-producer of this CD, and guitar player for the band), this song is having an incredible impact on many people with it’s honest lyric and compelling chorus of responding to the greatness and intimacy of God, and to the amazing love that God has given to us.  “Savior of the world/And friend of my heart/You gave Your life/So I’ll give You mine.”

All of the songs on his second studio album were written as worship songs.  “When I first started recording my music, I thought it would be so that I could perform my songs to the cheers from thousands of adoring fans,” he laughs.  “God had other things in mind.  He has put a burning desire in me to worship Him with all that I am, and in everything I do.”  With sincere honesty, Andy has penned a collection of songs that passionately reflect his heart and ministry.  Candid vulnerability combined with unmistakable devotion and a powerful vocal performance – this is the substance of I Will Sing.

An obvious transparency and ultimate desire to be real with his Creator, himself and his listeners was also evident on Andy’s debut album, Vision of Hope.  This freshman offering helped to establish his ministry in churches throughout the western states.  The project also garnered a #1 radio single, and has led to continued recognition for his talent as a songwriter.

In college, Andy studied recording engineering, music and business management.  This was followed by his time as a recording engineer for ASAPH Records (a ministry of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa), and later with staff positions in two Northern California churches.  Over time, he has performed for more than 350,000 people, and his credits have grown to include opening concerts for Point of Grace, 4HIM, Crystal Lewis, Watermark, Nichole Nordeman and Margaret Becker.   Through leading worship, performing concerts and ministering in churches, Andy wants people to know God on a deeper level.  His heart knows joyful praise and intimate worship, and he longs to bring others to a place of renewed relationship with God as they engage in the experience and lifestyle of worship.

Aware that his songwriting, music and ministry go beyond entertainment or just presenting a concert, he is a licensed minister and the founder/president of Andy Allen Ministries, Inc.  This is a nonprofit organization that works with churches, music ministers and worship teams through leading and teaching on worship.  Increasingly, he is ministering with many different churches in a wide variety of denominations from Lutheran to Baptist, Charismatic to Seeker.  His underlying focus is to share his heart for worship, serve, encourage and uplift the body of Christ.

Andy notes, “I am continually humbled and grateful as I watch God provide for my every need.  This journey as a follower of Christ continues to overwhelm and consume me as I realize Gods amazing faithfulness to me.”  Raised in a Christian home and being introduced to Christ at an early age provided Andy with a priceless foundation of faith.  Never imagining the pain that could come through experiencing divorce, this faith and closeness to God would be all that could sustain and heal his wounded heart.  Today, Andy sings and lives with a deeper humility, understanding, and gratitude of Gods tangible and real presence in his life.  He also sings with a renewed joy as God has blessed him with his wife Pam & their blended family of five children (Tia, Anna, Kieran, Maggie & Brenna.)  Making their home in Chico, CA, and the occasional reference to ‘The Brady Bunch’, life is anything but dull as this man and his family follow the unmistakable call to serve God and others through full-time ministry.

Hear Andy perform live, and you’ll witness his burning desire to serve the body of Christ through worship and song.  Meet Andy in person, and you’ll enjoy getting to know a guy who is contagiously optimistic and loves to laugh (even if nobody else does.)  Hear the music from this gifted artist, and you’ll experience a touch of God’s unfailing love.

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