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Great to be with our friends at Clovis Hills Community Church in Fresno this weekend. Saturday we had the opportunity to meet up with their worship team and look at the ways worship influences community. It was a very cool time of inspiring conversation with some wonderful people.

Saturday night and Sunday morning I co-led worship with Joseph Rangel, the Worship Pastor at Clovis Hills. The band was great…especially that hot keyboard player…she’s my favorite!

For Pam and I, the highlight of the weekend was seeing 49 children sponsored with World Vision!!! Thank you Clovis Hills Community Church for your generosity and willingness to love the widow and the orphan.

While being on the road can have its challenges…getting to hang with friends, worship with a great band and see kids get sponsored is always the win for us.

Set List:

Go | Hillsong United
Here For You | Chris Tomlin
Jesus Paid It All | Kristian Stanfill
The Stand | Hillsong United
Vision of Hope | Andy Allen

Now…it’s time to watch The Olympics. GO USA!!!

We’re in the groove of Summer here in North San Diego County; enjoying the beauty outside as well as the opportunity to serve people within our community of faith.

Here are the set lists from these past couple weeks…

July 8th:

One Thing Remains | Jesus Culture
Stronger | Hillsong Live
Forever Reign | One Sonic Society
Furious | Jeremy Riddle

July 15th:

Search My Heart | Hillsong United
Furious | Jeremy Riddle
Awakening | Chris Tomlin
Never Once | Matt Redman

How is your Summer going?
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It was fun to be back with my team at The Station this weekend. Our family took a stay-cation the past couple weeks to kick this Summer off. A lot of great relaxation and time at the beach to renew the soul.

There was a cool energy in the room because we had a team from Highland Park Baptist Church in Alabama visiting this week. They were on a mission here to serve The Station and the Carlsbad community. It was inspiring to hear them tell a few stories during service about the impact this week had on their team.

We opened our worship experience with a 2 song set, moved into the teaching time and then did 3 more tunes with communion in the closing set. The band freakin’ rocked and the worship had a celebratory feel which was a blast to lead.

Set List:

With Us | Hillsong
Our God | Chris Tomlin
Go | Hillsong United
Always | One Sonic Society
Jesus Paid It All | Kristian Stanfill

How was your weekend? What songs are working in your worship setting?
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Love Does

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Love Does | Discover A Secretly Incredible Life In An Ordinary World
By Bob Goff

I remember first reading about this guy named Bob Goff in a Donald Miller book. Don made him sound like a pretty cool dude. Then I had a chance to hear my friend Al Andrews (who wrote a book called The Boy, The Kite & The Wind) talk about how this guy named Bob Goff had challenged him to do more than just dream about making a difference in the world…but to actually go do it.

Love Does is a collection of stories about Bob’s life. Each story is told in the animated and forward manner you’d hear if Bob were sitting in your living room recounting the experience. Each story also explores a refreshing look at the way Bob perceives God being real and accessible…not religious and reserved for the holy few.

The beauty within this book is the encouragement you’ll feel to do more than simply dream your dreams. I felt challenged to do more with my ordinary moments and to look for creative ways to embrace the joy and opportunity that life brings my way every day.

I found the first half of the book to be entertaining and motivating with the second half leading me on a journey to explore how my faith can impact the way I live life with renewed passion. With contagious optimism and a bold approach to loving people without condition…Bob has inspired and reminded me to dream big, embrace whimsy and do love.

Oh yeah…and all the proceeds from this book go to helping people in Uganda…so you should buy it!

Get your copy from Amazon HERE…then let me know what you think.
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*I was given this book to review by The opinions in this review are mine alone and are not the opinions of the publisher.

I love being a Dad!

Every year I play hooky with each of my kids. It’s kind of like our own version Ferris Beuller’s Day Off….we just call it Father-Son Day and Father-Daughter Day.

The kids never know exactly what day it will be or what we’re going to do together. They talk about it all year long. I find the anticipation entertaining as we approach the end of each school year. There is constant speculation about when it will be and what I have planned.

Since Father’s Day is this weekend I thought it would be fun to share a couple pics from my 2012 Father-Son/Daughter Day adventures.

Father-Son Day | w/ Kieran
Father-Daughter Day | w/ Maggie
Father-Daughter Day | w/ Brenna

So, do you have any fun traditions with your Dad or as a Dad?
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