Cloud By Day…Fire By Night

andyallen —  August 26, 2011 — 9 Comments

There are many words I could choose to describe the past 17 months. A few…


We moved to the desert nearly 3 years ago…by faith.

We leave the desert next month…again, by faith.

Faith that we are following God’s leading.

The beauty of this next move for our family is that we get to leave the desert…both literally and figuratively.

Seasons in the desert define your ability withstand harsh elements.
Seasons in the desert begin and end with new growth.
Seasons in the desert test you in extremes.

As we leave, I’m grateful for the experiences I’ve had…the lessons I’ve learned…and I’m thankful that this season is coming to a close.

We’re moving to California. We don’t have jobs. We won’t have family close by. We’re just going…and not because it’s familiar…but because we believe it’s where God wants our family for this next season of life.

The promptings began many months ago and we have waited patiently (well…mostly) for God’s clear direction and timing to fall into place.

Now is the time!

There have been moments we’ve thought about how the children of Israel were wandering through the wilderness…waiting to get to the promised land…and we’ve felt a certain kinship with the people in that story.

So now we continue following God the best we know how…cloud by day…fire by night.

Our lives will remain focused on the ministry God has called us to. We’ll be serving churches with music and children around the world through our work with World Vision.

As we make this move, we value your prayers and support.

     We are excited!
     We are dreaming!
     We are believing!
     We are chasing life…with Hope!

We’ll be updating you soon on our new life in Oceanside, CA.

Farewell desert!

Have you ever moved your life and family somewhere completely new? No job? Knowing nobody?
Leave a comment below…

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9 responses to Cloud By Day…Fire By Night

  1. Hey Andy, Welcome to Oceanside. Are you are worshipper?

  2. Andy, you will LOVE Oceanside! My husband and I moved from there to a small-SMALL town in Missouri where God lead us. We’re in the same boat… No family, no nothing! Just God’s prompting. It’s scary and exciting all at the same time. How wonderful that you are obedient to His calling! Enjoy those wonderful sunsets at the Oceanside Pier!

    • Thanks so much for the encouragement. We have fallen in love with this community very quickly…& living near the beach doesn’t suck. 😉

  3. Hey Andy, I didn’t do this as a family but I did when I was single in SoCal – Long Back to be exact. I left a church where they were my only family, my only friends, i lived there and my job was tied into them as well. When I left it felt like I was losing literally everything with no close family within 500 miles but was entering a season of obedience which had to have been the single most fruitful stretch of my entire Christian walk. Blessings to you and Pam for your continued courage and steps of faith! -Adam

    • Adam, good to hear from you man. Thanks for sharing a bit of your story. Pam and I feel more at peace in the big ‘leaps of faith’ than just cruising in a comfortable existence….that’s when we get to say we’re “Living the dream!”

  4. Wow! Huge step of faith. We have made several huge moves as a family but none so big as our most recent to Georgia; which we love! It’s been just about 2 years now, and… sometimes God holds off on telling you why He is leading somewhere because there are just too many reasons that you just might not get until you’re living it.
    prayers for you and your family go up!

    • Thanks Marisa – very cool to hear about your move and that you’re happy in Georgia. I definitely agree…I love how God shows up in the unexpected as we trust Him with our story.

  5. wow… you gonna chill with Sammy?

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