The Xylophone Of The Forest

andyallen —  April 7, 2011 — 2 Comments

Recently I’ve been pondering how creative types really need to be given space to find their process.  We all have different environments that affect our creativity and artistry, both positively and negatively.  My creative process is going to be different than yours.  I think this difference needs to be given room to breathe and be celebrated.  Many modern software and internet companies value creativity so much that they’ve completely altered the typical business and workplace experience.  This shift has sparked countless new concepts and innovative technologies.

So then…I wonder what would happen if more churches adopted this approach?  I wonder what would happen if it became common practice in church culture to engage the fringe creative artists?  I wonder what would happen to the oh-so predictable worship services and ‘outreach’ events?  My guess is that we would see a flood of inventive ways to express the truth and reality of our faith journey.  My guess is there’s a chance we could find new opportunities to connect with people who live far from God.

I think, sadly, that too many church leaders are afraid of ‘releasing the creatives.’ Artists and creatives are often perceived as being rebellious and uncontrollable…granted, there are some justifications for those perceptions.  However, I think it’s exactly those qualities that allow creatives to find themselves unsatisfied with the accepted norms of society and church.  It’s this restlessness with the status-quo that causes us to constantly question why we do things the way we do and dare to dream about changing them.  I’m hoping the time is close when more and more church leaders stop fearing and needing to control the creative people in their communities.  Instead, I hope they will not only set them free to create, but take an even greater risk…partner with them.

I sat in awe the first time I watched this video.  Incredible creativity in matching physics with what I can only assume was great patience in constructing and tuning this “Xylophone.”  I believe this was made in Japan and the title loosely translates to ‘The Xylophone Of The Forest.’

I love that someone obviously gave space for the creators of this video, these artists and engineers, to find their creative process.  This video isn’t the result of a charts-and-graphs board room meeting.  This video is the result of creative people being allowed to work their creative process.

I’m Curious…How Are Creatives Encouraged To Influence Your Church Experience?

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2 responses to The Xylophone Of The Forest

  1. A man after my own heart. Great words and a question that needs to be answered for once!

    • I’m hoping that this conversation can become more active in the church world and that we can find a home for more creative means of talking about and living out our faith. Thanks for stopping by the blog Rich!

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