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andyallen —  July 22, 2011 — 19 Comments

I’m a big fan of cool graphic t-shirts.

I’m almost never a fan of ‘Christian’ graphic t-shirts. There, I said it.

I’ve been to the Christian conferences, trade shows and music festivals where you see display on top of display of cheesy religious graphic t-shirts. You know the one’s I’m talking about.

So I was very excited to find these shirts designed by MendMark. I ran across their website and not only was I loving their meaningful designs and products, I was really impressed by their mission.

MendMark makes several very cool products (t-shirts, wrist bands, decals) and gives a portion of the proceeds to Living Water International. LWI works to demonstrate God’s love by helping get clean drinking water to some of the over 1 Billion people in the world who need it.

I’ve had the opportunity to get connected with the team at MendMark and it’s been very cool to get to know them and hear the heart behind their work. They’re not only working hard to creatively build their brand, but to keep the focus on giving back. These guys are the real deal.

My wife and I both got the Marked By Love shirt and MendMark Bracelet…and we love them.

Drop by the MendMark website and check them out.



The contest for free gear from MendMark has ended. Here are the winners:

  • Mark Whiten – Phoenix, AZ
  • Chris Quinto – Huntington, TX
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19 responses to MendMark ::: Message & Mission

  1. Congrats to Mark Whiten & Chris Quinto….winners of some free MendMark gear. Enjoy!

  2. I mainly would like to win for bragging rights. 🙂

    Best Christian shirt I’ve seen: “Flirt to Convert” its all about picking up with purpose.

  3. The “turn or burn” shirt was pretty bad…

    • Any use of “turn or burn” is pretty bad….for me that gets filed under “what the heck were people thinking”

  4. I have checked them out before they had the tees, which are really nice shirts! Great mission too! I would love to have one since I am broke at the moment (Dave Ramsey budgeting) and I am planning on going to Catalyst this year and would look awesome reping the Mendmark brand!

    God Bless,


    • Maybe you’ll be able to get a picture of you and Dave Ramsey at Catalyst while you’re rockin’ the MendMark threads….

  5. So…I’d really like to win.
    The cheesiest Christian shirt I’ve seen it at a toss up between once that I received and one that accidentally seemed to make fun of people with lisps. “Pick Jesus” with a huge guitar Pick surrounding it (the one I received) or “Faithbook” (Facebook said with a lisp, essentially).

  6. Laurie Robles July 26, 2011 at 1:39 pm

    I would love to win. I’ve never heard of the brand, until now. But, it sounds amazing! I haven’t seen a shirt that I thought was too bad.

    • I’ll post the worst “Cheesy Christian Shirt” I ever owned at the end of this giveaway….it was pretty bad.

  7. I wanna win!! I love the mend mark shirts and would love to win this. I have tried to block out all the bad christian tshirts that i have seen. for my sanity.

  8. I have seen so many Christian-themed shirts, and, like most pop culture things of the “Christian Aesthetic,” they are usually neither helpful or enduring or clever. They are poor reworkings of something original. I avoid those T-shirts and bumper stickers. At least things like Wacky Packs ( were zany and goofy. But those Christian-themed shirts with their “Jesus Christ is the real thing” bastardization, or other some-such “satire” just screams “Christianity is not original”. Sad. Petty. Harmful.

    • Well said Mark. I appreciate your candid thoughts and couldn’t agree more. I’ll be posting the worst ‘Cheesy Christian Shirt’ I ever owned at the end of this contest…it’s a doozy.

      Hope you and Brenda are well.

  9. Well lets see if I can do it again … I havent started reading the book I won because i am in the middle of another one … but I can’t wait. i really like the bracelet so hopefully I can get lucky one more time!

    I used to have this shirt in middle school that simply said “Satan is a nerd”. It was black writing on a white t-shirt (I should have clued in that it was cheesy just by that) and people used to be like … Santa is not a nerd … and I’d have to get them to read it again lol.

    I joined the twitter and facebook last time … but I am going to tweet about it and put it in my blog on facebook, myspace, and reverb nation! (hopefully that will give me at least 2 points). Thanks for getting us all this cool stuff to try out!


  10. I’ve always been a hater of the Easy botton t-shirts. <– really anything from that brand..

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