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Brenna’s 2nd Grade Weekly Class Newsletter…

Misprint or PTA Recruitment Tactic?

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Kidnapping Pilots

andyallen —  March 7, 2011 — Leave a comment

[2 of 4] I wrote a few posts several years ago before I started my blog…remember MySpace?  There are a few I felt were worth bringing over to the blog, so here you go.

[Originally posted January 7, 2008]
I took my sister to our little airport in Chico, CA the other day.  There is a check-in counter, a TSA bag inspection table and Hertz Rental Car stand in a room with maybe 30 airport lobby chairs in this small “terminal.”

Chico Airport

United Airlines basically fly’s a shuttle (30 seater) between Chico and San Francisco several times each day and then you can get to wherever you’re going from there.  The weather was pretty bad here and in San Francisco that day, so the flight was delayed.

We arrived at the airport, checked her bags and were told the flight was scheduled to leave around 7 PM.  I decided to hang out and keep her company.  Her plane arrived from SFO about 7:20.  The guy at the check-in counter basically yelled an update to the small waiting crowd of about 10 people, “I just went out to the car….uh, I mean plane, and talked with the pilot.  He said that the tower in San Francisco won’t release our flight until 9 PM, but they will try and get the flight out sooner.”

My sister said she was hungry but was afraid to leave because she didn’t want to miss her flight.  While we were talking about how to figure out dinner, the pilots came wandering through the waiting area, looking bored.  I asked them what they knew and they confirmed that we were stuck here at the mercy of air traffic control in SFO.  Then they walked behind the counter into a back room.

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My Top-10 Tweets of 2010

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One of my guilty pleasures is Tweeting.  I follow a lot of other people who spend time tossing around thoughts and amusing observations via Tweet as well.  I thought it would be fun to grab my personal Top-10 Tweets from this past year and post those.

Limited to 140 characters….here is some of the fun I had tweeting this year…

10 – The characters & events depicted in these tweets are fictional. Any similarity to…wait…strike that…if I know you…you’re fair game!!!

9 – I’m amused when my sarcasm is vague (or brilliant) enough that it’s mistaken for my actual thoughts

8 – Topic: Curling is most definitely a sexy sport! Discuss…

7 – Hope….the wellspring of freedom….the cornerstone of faith….the beginnings of change.

6 – This was on my neighbors car, a scotch taped note….Single, Lonely & Lookin’ (the # is blurred to protect….someone)

5 – Do my kids play sports? Not so much! Those Allen kids are only adept at catching sarcastic nuance and the occasional virus.

4 – Tonight I watched Whale Wars & was totally disappointed…no ‘army whales’ or whales battling…just some Captain Ahab guy chasing icebergs

3 – Overheard at the restaurant tonight (Ex-Wife saying goodbye to Ex-Husband after a drink): “I’d sleep with you, but I really need to leave.”

2 – In this world you may be oh so smart or oh so pleasant. For years I’ve tried smart…I recommend pleasant – Elwood P Dowd

1 – It may not be politically correct…but I have it on good authority that Polar Bear is delicious


The “Is that contestant on American Idol a Christian? Scorecard”

#44. At any point during their “look at where they grew up bio,” the phrase “speaking in tongues” is mentioned =  + 10 points

To add up your score with over a 130 other ideas on this scorecard, visit

Gossip: And Satan Came Also

Andy Allen —  January 7, 2010 — 5 Comments


We were helping clean out a closet at Pam’s folks house and came across this framed picture.  I found it intriguing.