My Top-10 Tweets of 2010

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One of my guilty pleasures is Tweeting.  I follow a lot of other people who spend time tossing around thoughts and amusing observations via Tweet as well.  I thought it would be fun to grab my personal Top-10 Tweets from this past year and post those.

Limited to 140 characters….here is some of the fun I had tweeting this year…

10 – The characters & events depicted in these tweets are fictional. Any similarity to…wait…strike that…if I know you…you’re fair game!!!

9 – I’m amused when my sarcasm is vague (or brilliant) enough that it’s mistaken for my actual thoughts

8 – Topic: Curling is most definitely a sexy sport! Discuss…

7 – Hope….the wellspring of freedom….the cornerstone of faith….the beginnings of change.

6 – This was on my neighbors car, a scotch taped note….Single, Lonely & Lookin’ (the # is blurred to protect….someone)

5 – Do my kids play sports? Not so much! Those Allen kids are only adept at catching sarcastic nuance and the occasional virus.

4 – Tonight I watched Whale Wars & was totally disappointed…no ‘army whales’ or whales battling…just some Captain Ahab guy chasing icebergs

3 – Overheard at the restaurant tonight (Ex-Wife saying goodbye to Ex-Husband after a drink): “I’d sleep with you, but I really need to leave.”

2 – In this world you may be oh so smart or oh so pleasant. For years I’ve tried smart…I recommend pleasant – Elwood P Dowd

1 – It may not be politically correct…but I have it on good authority that Polar Bear is delicious


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