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Through The Station’s Servolution series we are looking at reaching beyond our church and impacting the world around us. This week we introduced World Vision & Child Sponsorship as a way to love people with a more global perspective.

As we loaded-in and set-up there were some tech challenges with the main audio system not working. Twenty minutes before the start of our worship experience, we decided to strike the band and do an acoustic worship set. We took a couple floor-wedge monitors, turned them toward the audience for a little sound. It actually worked out great.

People sang out and there was a great sense of community in our musical worship.

Set List:

Glory To God Forever | Fee
From The Inside Out | Hillsong United
Forever Reign | One Sonic Society
Vision of Hope | Andy Allen

It was awesome to see 6 World Vision kids get sponsored today. Any frustration we experienced over the technical issues were completely overshadowed knowing that these 6 kids lives are being changed by loving sponsors.

Do you sponsor a child? What has your experience been as a sponsor?
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We’re in the middle of our series called Servolution. The goal of these few weeks is to jump start our faith community into serving beyond the weekend experience and make an impact on the neighborhoods where we live.

The last week of June we’ll be out in force serving people and our community. Our prayer is that through serving others we will begin to see a revolution of God’s love in the hearts of those we reach out to.

I think this new church is at a critical moment where we can begin to become more than just another church on the block hosting Sunday services. This is where we cross the threshold to truly loving people where they are…without expecting them to come to us. I think this is a better reflection of the nature of God anyway so I’m excited to see what stories come to light in the course of this next month.

Our band was solid and absolutely nailed it today. We broke up our worship set with communion and a scripture reading. It was a profound moment of connection to God.

Set List:

Our God | Chris Tomlin
Go | Hillsong United
Search My Heart | Hillsong United
All Things New | Elevation Worship

We’re also in our final week of school here, so Summer is upon us. I’m looking forward to traveling and serving some other churches this Summer. Please let me know if there’s a way I can serve your church community. I would love the opportunity to come serve and see what’s happening in your ministry.

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May is always a crazy busy month. Mother’s Day, Summer prep, end of school and this year Kieran is graduating from High School. This has made it challenging to blog consistently, but I wanted to make sure and at least post set lists.

Sunday, May 20th:

Awakening | Chris Tomlin
With Us | Hillsong
Be Thou My Vision | Andy Allen (original arrangement | unreleased)
Your Love Never Fails | Jesus Culture

Sunday, May 20th:

Go | Hillsong United
One Thing Remains | Jesus Culture
Kingdom Come | Elevation Worship
Revelation Song | Gateway Worship (feat. Kerah Riel)

I’ll do my best to get back to more consistent blogging in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, here’s a quick video of One Thing Remains from the set last Sunday.

Happy Mother’s Day! For a change of pace, I planned an acoustic ‘unplugged’ set to lead our worship experience this week.

We threw down a cool rug, brought in some vibey lamps and busted out the upright bass….it was freakin’ cool! Top that off with great players and some killer vocals….the set was choc-full of musical moments.

It was interesting and challenging to play without a percussion instrument, but it forced us to lean into the uniqueness of each instrument in the band. The upright bass didn’t have electronic pick-ups so we had to mic it. I think if we’d had percussion it would have overpowered the mic, so that was a bit unexpected good fortune.

As if it wasn’t enough to just lead worship with this fun band set-up, the highlight of the morning was a thematic song we did featuring one of our stellar singers. So this would be the perfect time for me to introduce you to Helene Immel. She’s a singer/songwriter, artist and worshipper of Jesus. Do yourself a favor and get to know her music.

Set List:

Mighty To Save | Hillsong United
How He Loves | Jesus Culture
Amazed | Desperation Band (feat. Pam Allen)
Aftermath | Hillsong United (feat. Helene Immel)

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So this week kind of got away from me and I didn’t get around to posting my usual recap from last Sunday’s Worship Experience. We were a bit consumed with my daughter’s 9th birthday party…which was a total blast. (I’ll upload some pics of that in another post.)

We opened with one song and then went straight to the teaching this week. Then we worshipped as a response to the teaching and took communion. It was very very cool. I’m thinking we’ll look at this format more frequently in the future.

Set List:

Glory To God Forever | Fee
Be Thou My Vision | Andy Allen (original arrangement | unreleased)
Kingdom Come | Elevation Worship
Your Love Never Fails | Jesus Culture
The Stand | 
Hillsong United

And for the record, the band freakin’ killed it!