The Sewing Machine

andyallen —  November 23, 2011 — Leave a comment

Sewing machines seem to be back ‘in’ these days.
There are sewing clubs in the city and groups on Facebook.
But sewing machine’s are more than a hipster trend, they can change someone’s life.
Check out this video…

It’s incredible to me that for the princely sum of $400 the course of Jacqueline’s life shifted. And not only her life, but the lives of her employee’s and ultimately their community.

So…what are going to invest in this year?
What gifts will we give on Christmas that will matter?
In this world…there are good investments…and then there are great investments!

Two things changed her life…a loan and a sewing machine.

Vision Fund International is part of World Vision and provides Micro-Loans to entrepreneurs. These small loans empower people to run their own businesses, earn their own income, stimulate their local economy, and become respected members of their communities.

Perhaps this year you can give HOPE FOR THE HOLIDAYS by funding a loan or teaming up with others to invest in some great people who need a hand-up…not just a hand-out.

CLICK HERE to learn more.

[HOPE FOR THE HOLIDAYS | I believe that goodwill and love actually trump consumerism and materialism in the hearts of most people this time of year. Several years ago, my family and I began a tradition in our home of giving away the money that we used to spend every Christmas on gifts. We began investing in gifts that bring hope to the widow and the orphan instead of gifts that would sit on a shelf or hang in a closet. The results have been huge…both for us and the beautiful people who live in places of great need. Our hearts have been moved to give more than gifts…but to give hope for the holidays.]

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