Twenty Dumb Things

andyallen —  October 22, 2011 — 4 Comments

So here are some unnecessary factoids about me.
Part confessional…part random…mostly ridiculous.
I’m sure you have better things to do…but if not…here you go.

    1. Letterman….not Leno!
    2. I love Egg Nog! Passionately. Grew up loving Egg Nog. I also grew up in a home where my parents never had alcohol around…so my first attempt at “spiking the nog” was at my friend Eryc’s house when I was a senior in high school…not knowing any better…I mixed my beverage 50/50 Rum and Egg Nog…about died it was so nasty!!!
    3. I once bought 10 Winnie the Pooh ceiling fan’s on clearance at Target for $10 each…and sold them on ebay for an average of $120 per fan.
    4. I’ve been a fan of the Seattle Seahawks since they entered the NFL in 1976.
    5. When Michael Jackson’s song ‘Beat It’ was number 1 on radio, my mom emphatically lectured me on how he would simply be a one hit wonder and never be successful in the music industry.
    6. I Had Pleurisy for 2 weeks in 1996…incredibly painful.
    7. As a teenager I had two band posters on my wall….Petra and Stryper! I later had the opportunity to work on solo recording projects with both Greg X. Volz and Michael Sweet (lead singers for Petra and Stryper.)
    8. Memorized all of the books of The Bible in song form at the age of 5.
    9. I was an audience member for one episode of the PTL Club….Jim & Tami Baker’s show! Now that I think about it, I was also a member of the studio audience for one episode of the Phil Donahue show as well….oh, so much to be proud of!
    10. I didn’t like coffee until I was 30 years old.
    11. I occasionally get a small royalty check from BMI for one of my songs that plays on the radio in South Africa.
    12. I have landed on a few basic Life Precepts that pretty much get me through any situation: a.) A hammer fixes anything, b.) Duct tape fixes everything else, c.) Never eat restaurant tomatoes, d.) Always expect incompetence.
    13. I was paid $750 to do a dinner show for 17 uninterested people (bussed in from a local trailer park) in an Italian catering facility with a Casio mini-keyboard (no sustain pedal) in Dayton, New Jersey.
    14. My favorite beer is Sierra Nevada Crystal Wheat.
    15. I was a licensed minister with a church in Australia for several years…even though I’ve never been there.
    16. I make Chocolate Chip Waffles for my kids every Saturday morning!
    17. I saw Phantom Of The Opera in Los Angeles….but during this run, The Phantom was played by Robert Gillome (star of TV’s Benson)….and the whole time I kept waiting for him to yell out “Krause!!!”
    18. I have a great fear of the church-potluck-mystery-meatloaf.
    19. I have a scar on my forehead from being hit by a rock thrown by a pastor’s kid in the parking lot at church when I was 6 years old….in fact….now that I think about it….I have several scars from injuries in the parking lot at church….the one on my knee is pretty gnarly.
    20. Ummm….I had a mullet.

I’m sure there are more….but that was probably 20 more than you needed.

Your turn…random factoids and absurdities please!?!
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4 responses to Twenty Dumb Things

  1. Wow! Those were dumb.

    Maybe I will follow suit.

  2. Lorie Neighbors October 22, 2011 at 4:53 pm

    Very interesting! Good thing I had nothing better to do 🙂 Would you recommend a video that has a particularly catchy tune for learning the books of the OT? I have a good one for the NT and my 3rd grade Sun Sch class is working on it 🙂 But we all KNOW that the OT is coming soon. I don’t know the books by memory and need a good tune!

    Random factoid about me? My family was once shipwrecked overnight on what we thought was a deserted island. Found out it actually did have people on the OTHER side. Felt a bit like Gilligan’s Island….it was supposed to be a “3 hour tour” that had us sleeping on the rocky beach with no shelter overnight because our boat became unseaworthy. AND I lived to tell about it!! Always impresses little kids.

    • That story is amazing…it impresses big kids too!

      My kids actually know an amazing “Bible Rap” that covers the books of the bible. I’ve thought about videoing them doing it and posting it to YouTube…I’ll take this as my motivation to get that done and let you know when it’s posted.

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