What Difference Does A Decade Make?

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World Vision started working to specifically address the HIV/AIDS pandemic in 2001.  I remember being immediately moved by the needs of people affected by HIV/AIDS and specifically to advocate for the children who find themselves vulnerable because of this horrific disease.

The Hope Initiative became the avenue through which World Vision began it’s work to alleviate the suffering caused by HIV/AIDS.  There are currently 14 million orphans in Africa because of HIV/AIDS and many more adults and children around the world living life at risk because of it’s spread.

World Vision recently published a report titled What Difference Does a Decade Make? While progress has been made in helping people dealing with poverty and disease, it’s findings sadly imply that after ten years, the children most affected by HIV/AIDS actually remain just as vulnerable and neglected in the communities where they live.

“While commendable progress has been made, orphans and vulnerable children in many contexts still receive significantly less support than children in the same communities who are not deemed as vulnerable.”
Stuart Kean, senior HIV and AIDS policy advisor for World Vision International

Findings indicated that after ten years, many children are still:

  • Unlikely to be in school, have access to healthcare, receive normal meals or have their basic needs met
  • Unlikely to be receiving psychosocial or other support
  • Unlikely to have their births registered
  • Frequently victims of property grabbing

A girl takes part in a candlelight vigil as part of a community group “The Hope and Light Association” that advocates to minimize the stigma faced by people living with HIV and AIDS. photo: Jon Warren/World Vision

Practical ways you and I can be involved include:
  • Sponsoring A Child [click HERE to sponsor now]
  • Raising awareness in your community and sphere of influence [ie: Jamaa Movie, Caregiver Kits]
  • Contacting Your Legislature and Representatives to demand that they prioritize policies and plans that address the vulnerabilities faced by children affected by and living with HIV
  • Pray

I honestly believe that our generation can make a difference in this next decade.  We have seen great things happen when individuals (like you and me) work together within the international community to fight poverty and sickness.  There is more we can do…more we must do.  Let’s start today!

I hope you will join me in reaching out to vulnerable children in our world.

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