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andyallen —  December 22, 2011 — 2 Comments

“We have a lot more stuff than we need.”
“We don’t need more trinkets for our shelfs.”
“We seem to accumulate things and just store them.”
“We want the gifts we give and receive to have meaning.”
These are the realizations that changed how we do Christmas.

Several years ago we stopped buying ‘stuff’ for people at Christmas…and we stopped asking for ‘stuff’. We started doing our Christmas shopping through the World Vision Gift Catalog…and if someone wanted to shop for us, we asked them to do the same.

We decided we wanted our gift giving to matter…to have purpose…to bring hope and joy to our world. Now, I’m not saying we don’t buy gifts for our kids and lean into the magic of Christmas…I love the wonder of Christmas that happens with my kids…but we also wanted to teach our kids that we believe there’s more to the Christmas season than just hustle & bustle and consumerism and want…we get to do more than that.

The World Vision Gift Catalog lets us give a gift in someone’s name that brings life-changing possibilities to those needing it most. We can buy a goat or a chicken to help a family feed and provide for themselves. We can help orphans go to school or pitch-in to help dig a clean water well. There are a lot of creative ways to give and each one makes a powerful impact on someone’s life.

I love it!

So, if you’ve been looking for that perfect, unique gift to give someone this Christmas…check out the World Vision Gift Catalog.

Here’s a fun video that shows how this works.

Do you have any Christmas gift giving traditions?

[HOPE FOR THE HOLIDAYS | I believe that goodwill and love actually trump consumerism and materialism in the hearts of most people this time of year. Several years ago, my family and I began a tradition in our home of giving away the money that we used to spend every Christmas on gifts. We began investing in gifts that bring hope to the widow and the orphan instead of gifts that would sit on a shelf or hang in a closet. The results have been huge…both for us and the beautiful people who live in places of great need. Our hearts have been moved to give more than gifts…but to give hope for the holidays.]

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2 responses to World Vision Gift Catalog

  1. Great ideas, how wonderful of an opportunity to help others in need! Thanks for all you do for kids!

    Merry Christmas,
    Brian Reilly

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