World Vision

I have worked with World Vision as an Artist Associate since 1998.  Over the course of these years I have seen people in my audience generously respond as messengers of hope.  They have helped and sponsored 2,500 children living under the weight of poverty and vulnerable to HIV/AIDS.

I’M NOT a politician with influence over nations.
I’M NOT a scientist with an antidote to cure disease.
I AM an artist with a platform and opportunity to be a voice for those who don’t have one.
I AM a fellow traveler in this world where I can stand with others against injustice and advocate for the hopeless.
I AM a follower of Jesus and believe it is right to love everyone and not forget the widow and the orphan.

I work with World Vision because they are an honest organization actively and effectively helping people.  I’ve traveled to Africa and Central America to see this work first hand.  I’ve spent time in villages and communities where hope is returning and joy lives, because of our help.  When you see a child start to believe they have value and worth….it not only changes them, it changes you.

My family and I sponsor 5 children through World Vision.  I’ve met two of these children in person and witnessed the profound impact sponsorship has on their lives.  This simple act, when we send money every month, is helping to change the lives of these children, their families and their communities.